Search Engine Marketing is an Essential Element in any Marketing Strategy.

If you've spent a small fortune on your business website and are not marketing it through search engines, it's like having a box of brochures under your desk with no stamps on them - A complete waste of time and money.

You may think that previous statement is a bit contentious but think about it a bit further. Why would you want to invest in a website if it wasn't to attract new business opportunities?

And that's where your challenges and frustrations will begin. It's a painful fact that fewer than 1 in 100,000 websites will be found through search engine searches and, with more than 90% of web users using search engines to find what they are loking for, the chances of them finding YOUR business is very, very , small... Unless you become pro-active with your Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is only part of the solution. There are many ways that new visitors can be driven to your website. Some activities may take many months to materialise and generate a return, others may only take a few hours.

We operate a range of Search Engine Marketing activities for a broad spectrum of clients. These include Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click campaigns, affiliate arrangements, Link building tactics, email broadcasts and many other activities related to generating more activity through your website that will generate more online sales for your business.

For an initial discussion and open assessment of your business opportunity online, call us today on 0845 474 3531. Please note that we don't like hard selling and promise not to give you one either.

"Search Engine Marketing is too business critical to be left to the IT department" - us
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